“Technology: No Place For Wimps!” ~ Scott Adams, American Cartoonist

Most days you can find me feeling pretty smug about not being a wimp. A possible reason is that I take to heart Winston Churhill’s powerful quote, “Never, never, never give up.”  On writing days that are more daunting than others, you might find me chanting, never, never, never, never, never, never, never… ever!

While I have been busy writing a novel that took hold of me a few years ago, technology and publishing has been changing at warp speed. Thankfully, many wonderful writers and social media experts are investing time and energy to share their knowledge to help people like myself enter and keep up with this evolving world.

So as not to wimp out and to never give up on my publishing dream, here I am, jumping into social media. I have been following some interesting people on the internet. You’ll find them on my Writer’s Helping Writers page, but today, I want to share a couple of links to recent posts I’ve found very helpful towards stepping into the world of technology and social media.

Jane Friedman, professor of e-media and former publisher of Writer’s Digest, has a clear take about the Definition of Author Platform . Yes to; “Finding meaningful ways to engage with and develop your target audience.” No to; “self-promotion, hard selling, annoying people.”

Jody Hedlund, author of The Doctor’s Lady a Historical Romance, knows why not to quit social media and gives a pep talk in her post, 8 Reasons Not to Quit Social Media When You’re Burned Out

Chris Brogan  President of Human Business Works, talks about the importance of content in your blog in this post. He says, “Nobody reads ANY blog – If they’re Boring.”

My goal is to not be boring :), not quit, and to create a generous, giving writer’s platform routed in the spirit of the many writer’s blogs and websites that I have been lucky enough to stumble upon…via technology.

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  1. senseandgrace

    hola i love this one and the little design

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