Gladys, who I loved dearly, went on several holidays with me while I was part of her son’s life. A fond memory of her that keeps popping up on this trip is the image of her lying back in a Mexican hammock arms extended out, face lifted to the sun and in her sweet British accent shouting out, “This is really living”   

Unlike Gladys, I did not have hardships that included a bomb shelter in my backyard and food rations but I have lived enough experiences to solidify a strong appreciation when afforded life’s pleasures.

This trip is providing an abundance of moments to revel in. The choice to cruise across the Atlantic versus flying has proved to be a good one. I owe a big thank you to my friend Angie who, as I was bemoaning the cost of a one way business class airline ticket to her (my frugal nature refuses to pay $2200. per person, just to be comfortable for 12 hours) made the suggestion about booking a cruise instead. For pretty much the same price we have enjoyed thirteen days of comfort, and spoiling. No jet lag, no rushing, no crowds and best of all the journey is part of the vacation rather than a means of getting from point A to B. 

Apart from the sea days we have enjoyed three land days, Ponta Delgada, Sao Miguel and Funchal, Madeira and Cadiz, Spain. Funchal was the definite highlight. I’ll write more about why later. 

Tomorrow, we say a fond good-bye to the Cunard Queen Elizabeth to spend a few days in Barcelona before flying to London. In both of these places we will be visiting treasured friends. Friendships made and solidified while we were all ex-pats living in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico. 

What can I say?  “This is really living.” 

Seize the Moments

15 thoughts on “APPRECIATION XO

  1. Definitely more bang for your buck by choosing a cruise over business air travel! So glad you’re having fun over there! xoxox

  2. Peace over rush and noise definitively sounds like a good idea!!! Now a days that’s all I want and knowing you are enjoying it makes me Happy!!! Love seeing you my Dear friend!!! Life is good!!! Keep enjoying and sharing!!!
    Love and Hugs to you two.

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