This & That & Not So Much

Random thoughts my minds-eye has taken note of during this trip that remind me I’m not at home.

In no particular order:

~ Where are all the homeless people? We saw maybe one street person in Barcelona, a handful in London and Wales and of the six places we have visited so far in Ireland it wasn’t until we got to Galway that we have seen a total of three men sitting on the sidewalk with a blanket and money cup. The blankets are so clean and comfy looking they give the appearance it could be more of a day job.
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Some of my best and often surprising experiences have resulted by taking a detour. Waterford, Ireland wasn’t top of the list to visit. Johnny joked I shouldn’t be anywhere near a crystal factory with my history of breaking things. Our travels tend to revolve around nature. Which is why we booked Killarney – Ring of… Read More Detours