Gift Of The Gab

The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” – Dr. Seuss

After too short a visit with friends in Wales we headed by train to catch the Ferry from Fishguard, Wales to Rosslare, Ireland. Trains, buses and ferry transportation has been working well for us. 

Overnighting in Fishguard was a nice find. We walked some of the Pembrokshire Coastal Path. The path dipped down into the village where we stopped (of course) for a fortifying pint at The Royal Oak Pub. This pub was the location in 1797 where the French and British signed a peace treaty. Listening to the present day patron’s chatter I tried to imagine the infinite amount of conversations and style of clothing this place has experienced in the last 225 years.

Speaking of pubs, as a side-note, next week I will hit 100 days without alcohol. I did wonder about sticking to the 100 day plan with so many historic pubs to visit, but turns out not a big deal. Every place offers 0.0 alcohol beers, including Guinness and ciders. Capturing the experience without the buzz or hangover 🍹😉

The highlight traveling to Ireland on the Stenaline ferry was meeting Katie O’Farrell. She took the table next to ours and for the next 3 1/2 hours mesmerized me with her stories, leaving an indelible impression that this woman is someone I expect to be reading more about in the future.

The attraction wasn’t just the Irish lilt in her voice and the way her eyes sparkled when she talked about her career as a Jump Jockey. It was how this 32 year old woman in a traditional man’s sport, framed her high and low career points with a positive spin. And then, after giving it all she could, knew it was time to retire and throw herself into a new passion. Katie suffered several concussions that showed her there isn’t enough help for injured athletes. She was heading home to Ireland to complete a masters degree in Sports Psychology.

Next post I’ll be writing about how I learned there is a lot more of interest in Waterford than the production of fine crystal. And surprise, I also met two very interesting people. Well, technically only one was a real life person as the other is long dead so our meeting was more of an introduction into his life.

I keep coming back to, it is the people we meet and/or learn about that enrich our travel experiences. We’ve been lucky on this trip and met many with the Gift of the Gab, especially here in Ireland 🍀

14 thoughts on “Gift Of The Gab

  1. Love your writings about your experiences while traveling to the different countries. Looking forward to more from you.
    Safe travels.

  2. Sounds like you are having a great time. I noticed Johnny in shorts and you wrapped up for the cold. Lol. Have fun. See you in 38 days.

    1. Yep, Johnny is stubbornly hanging onto his warm weather clothes as long as possible.LOL. But I do feel the cold more than he does. We are enjoying! It will be fun when you arrive in London.

  3. Nice!! You guys look good. Great to be able to connect with strangers and even better with a brew in hand. You may not want to come home xoxo s

    1. Thank you Sheldon It works out well that none of us are particularly shy 🙂 Loving the trip but I have a feeling by the time end of October rolls around and we get on the ship for home, we’ll be ready.

  4. What a time you’re having, and the people you’re meeting are great fodder for future stories. And well done on your alcohol-free 100 days!! xoxo

    1. Hi Carol and Ralph, I thought I responded with a Hi to your comment, but I don’t see that I did. We are enjoying, even with the Covid set back while in Killarney. All good now!

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