Churches, Castles, Donkeys and Beer


You can’t visit Ireland without bumping into a church. These impressive buildings dominate the skyline in cities and small towns and beg to be visited. 

You can’t enter a city or town that doesn’t have its very own castle. Ross Castle, 15th century in Killarney. Doonagore Castle 16th century, in Doolin. We see this one from our loft apartment window and is privately owned by an Irish American. Some castles are now hotels like Killane Castle in Wexford and Waterford Castle. There are tens of thousands of castles spread across Ireland. Most of them in ruin and yet their medieval, majestic charm continues to draw us travelers to them.

You can’t go out to the countryside without being compelled to go to a grocery store and stock up with carrots to feed the adorable donkeys. And, if no donkeys in sight, there are plenty of cows giving you a pleading feed-me look. Even in the city there are no lack of animal presence, this time in the form of statues.

You can’t walk more than a block without passing at least one probably three or four pubs to entice you in for a Guinness or in my case a refreshing 0.0 beer or cider.

The connection between these four things is how their contrasts are in harmony with their history, and how they blend together as a part of this beautiful Emerald Island.

12 thoughts on “Churches, Castles, Donkeys and Beer

  1. On our trip to Ireland we stayed in Waterford Castle Hotel. We did find lots of castles there too. I will have to go back and view our Ireland pictures. We didn’t do what you are doing. We were in a small group tour which was 8 people … could have been 12 but only 8 booked. Your trip looks amazing.

    1. Hi Linda – tried to reply earlier and my website was acting up so apologies if you get more than one response 🙂 It must have been amazing staying at Waterford Castle Hotel. It is so beautiful. Lots to be said about taking a tour and getting first hand knowledge from a guide. We plan to do some day tours in Scotland.

  2. Love your photos and musings on Ireland. Brings back so many cherished memories for me from all the summers spent there with Robert.
    Robert retired in Wicklow Town, Co. Wicklow for the golf. He loved and was a member of the Wicklow Golf Club.

    Still have many friends in Wicklow, Arklow and Avoca, with whom I still keep in touch regularly.

    If you have time Glendaloch is really worthwhile and has wonderful history as well as the very pretty town of Avoca, Wicklow is the Garden County of Ireland. Enjoy your journey!

    1. Hi Heather – it is wonderful you keep in touch with your friends in Ireland. Wicklow looks amazing and great hiking with the National Park. We won’t make it there this time but a good reason to return. I’m happy the photos and my musings are bringing back good memories. I’m sorry you lost Robert way too soon. xoxox

  3. What an amazing trip!!! I enjoy every word and all your photos!!! Keep them coming!!! And enjoy this magic journey!!! The weather has been good to you XOXOXO

    1. We have been so lucky with the weather. It rained hard a couple of nights ago and the sun was out by morning. Thanks for following our trip and enjoying the posts. We meet up with Teressa this coming Tuesday. Looking forward to it. xoxox

  4. Nice pics but we note that there is no mention of any food that you guys have consumed. And no grocery store in that town and no car right?? And what the hell is the deal with all the donkeys?? And Johnny should be looking at hair bands soon for his pony tail. So tell me again why you have made this trip. Living the dream?? xo s

    1. You’ve just given me some great jumping off thoughts for a new post. Thank you! Wait until you hear about the food – suffice to say I’m glad I’m not a foodie. Yep, living the dream. Thanks for tuning in. xoxox

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